^My Name is Nurul Amalina

^My Korean Name is 허선히 (Heo Sun Hi)^ 
^20 December 1989^I'm 89liner^ 
^Studying at UNISEL (University Selangor)^
^I'm Postgraduate For Diploma in Business Management and Taking Bachelor of Finance (HONS)

^Now, I'm Living With My Family^ 
^I Like Black, White, Blue, Pink and Red^
^On 2012, I'm Going to Hanguk^
^I Have A Lot of Dream, But Need To Fulfilled it One of My Dream^
^Really Like Reading (any kind of books), Surfing Internet, Watching Movie, Shopping, Spend My Time at Home^

Iron Man

^I was a K-Pop Lover Since 12 years old^
^The First Drama That I'll Watch is Autumn in My Heart and Winter Sonata, Make My Tears Out^
Autumn in My Heart
Winter Sonata
^Since Now, I Really Obsessed with K-Pop But Sometimes NOT, As I Guess^ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
^As All Of You Want To Know, I'm Really Sensitive Person and Very Easy To Crying^
^I'm Really Spoiled^ 
^I'm Very Talkative Person, but Sometimes To Shying^

^Finally, I Want to Put My Favorite Song^
Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars

Boyfriend - Boyfriend